Pupils can benefit hugely from the range of Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) opportunities, and this makes a significant difference to the personal developmentself-esteem of children and young people. It can also have a considerable impact on academic results, personal aspirations and employability. All children should have an opportunity to access extended-curricular provisions. Contour delivers tailor-made solutions to meet individual school needs through new and innovative programmes. It is the in-school Service Manager who drives these initiatives which link across groups of schools for shared knowledge, delivery and economies.

What is LOtC?

It is the use of places and environments, other than the classrooms, for students to learn in. “It is about getting children and young people out and about, providing them with challenging, exciting and different experiences to help them learn”. http://www.lotc.org.uk/what-is-lotc/

These ‘places’ can be anywhere and everywhere from museums or the local park, to overseas locations, which impact the particular lesson being taught.

Our Philosophy

Creating and developing opportunities

Through working within and as a part of the school, we help to make happen certain activities which are SLT priority, but the school may not have the time, resources or contacts to arrange. It is with our experienced and closely linked suppliers that we deliver tailor-made solutions to meet individual school needs through the breadth and depth of our knowledge and services.

Previous programmes include: Prefect Training, Sports Improvement, Music and the Arts, Careers Fairs and GCSE Revision Residentials. To view case studies of previous work, please click here.

Contour’s mission

We work on behalf of schools through being present in school to bridge the gap between idea and reality for a wide range of extended curricular programmes which will increase pupil ambition, meet school objectives, and have identified outcomes at the most cost effective prices. This “facilitating on behalf of schools” increases provision, and takes the strain and pressure off teachers, so they can focus on other aspects of teaching. It is increasingly important that these activities are available, affordable and accessible for all schools and through our network of vetted suppliers this is possible as all savings are passed on directly to the school.

It is our belief that the supply chain is distorted by factors from commercial consideration which undermine quality and value. In addition, many of these programmes are constrained by factors of time, expertise and bureaucratic compliance. We help schools to build regional LOtC networks, with associated economies of scale used to offer pupils a broader programme of affordable (or free) activities, clubs, visits and trips.

Contour Approach

  • We work on your behalf to understand your specific needs. Our Service Team co-ordinate the programmes that you want through spending time with you and your teachers.
  • Our experienced Supply Team brings innovation and imagination to all our proposals, to deliver identified pupil outcomes. We help schools to work in geographical networks (ideally existing trusts or clusters) to maximise economies of scale.
  • Wherever your school is on the LOtC spectrum, we can meet your needs: from major expedition to very specific in-school support.
  • We save you money through our nationwide network of vetted providers; all charges are completely transparent, with savings passed on directly to you.
  • We prove our value first, then agree a monthly payment for the service you require, paid on subscription so you are not locked-in, avoiding the need for lengthy contracts.
  • We take responsibility for all the administration and hassle.


Call our office on 01926 678 490 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.