Working With Us

Adding value

The whole Contour approach, through being in-school and understanding your needs, is about developing the right solutions, tailor-made to those needs. Wherever you are on the spectrum of LOtC – from a school already offering a broad range of activities to a school providing very little at all – we are always looking to provide new and innovative solutions.

Contour’s service is all about developing tailor-made ideas specific to your needs. We work with a whole host of suppliers who bring a combination of variety, imagination, innovation and excellence in their delivery…at excellent value for money…and of course they exceed the Necessary Standards for such activities, both in the UK and abroad.

Our Service Co-ordinators work with you to:

  • Identify your Needs – by talking to you, your leadership team and a cross-section of teachers, we identify your key objectives and specific wish list – from broad year group requirements to very specific, skill-based support. We want to build a truly consultative, long-term relationship.
  • Save Costs on all your existing activities – we cross quote on existing programmes to identify where we can make savings: completely transparent, passed on to you.
  • In-school Service – our Service Co-ordinators are in-school once per week, listening to you and communicating your requirements back to our team of highly experienced sourcers.
  • Identify other schools – to form a network, and agree the best approach to bringing schools together.


Our services include:

Character Measurement System

Through our associate, The Challenger Trust, Contour Education Services offers an award system to help acknowledge a pupil's character development over their time in education. This system is tailored to each school to make sure the values a school upholds are represented throughout a pupil's learning life. A log of the learner’s reflection on their achievement will be recorded on the Character Measurement System (CMS), an online progressive recording tool.

The CMS is a crucial part of the learner’s experience as it aims to help the learner capture the development of their character throughout the award. The critical success factor for this process is that schools decide which values are appropriate for their pupils, and that it is recognised that the skills and activities practised are subsidiary to the character-building attributes the activities are helping to develop.


Trips and Visits

Contour Education Services helps young people to engage with the education system through innovative programmes and projects, blending outdoor education with sports, curriculum trips with cultural tours and careers talks with revision camps.

These journeys are often the most memorable learning experiences for pupils and teachers alike. They help to make sense of the world around them and make links between feelings and learning. These opportunities stay with pupils into adulthood and affect their behaviour, lifestyle and work. The experiences learned are completely transferable into both the classroom and home life.

The aim of the learning outside the classroom experience is to help improve pupils' understanding, skills, values and personal development and to unlock potential that may not have been achieved within a classroom environment. This enables them to construct their own learning and live successfully in the world that surrounds them.



Enterprise education forms a core aspect of the Contour Education Services ethos. Whether this is achieved via a two-week co-curricular programme or a year-long business, the achievements and skills your pupils will gain are invaluable. Each learner can receive an exciting, high quality and motivating experience that will help them to strive towards their potential future, with programmes designed to tackle all relevant issues they will come across in their adult working life. Insights into interviewing techniques, CV writing, presentation enrichment, financial management and understanding how businesses operate are all key parts of a successful Enterprise programme.

Our Role Model programme falls directly into Enterprise enrichment. In line with the Department for Education's framework for Character Education, role modelling is essential in developing character in young people. Contour Education Services works with key industry professionals to provide motivational talks, workshops and assemblies to help motivate and inspire young people to widen their ambitions.



We believe that the best vehicle to deliver development must culminate in a challenging expedition.  All expeditions are scalable but should offer a once in a lifetime, inspirational, challenge that places pupils outside of their comfort zones socially and environmentally.  Classroom based training will introduce the process so once young people are in country they are familiar and comfortable with what they are required to do and have the confidence to act decisively.